Meet Mikey Shirey

Michelina "Mikey" Shirey loves candy... and smiles.

So, to bring both to life in Downtown York, she decided to open her own vintage-style candy shop.

Mikey writes technical manuals, so her first retail venture is a return to her childhood. She grew up in the town of Farrell in Mercer County in western Pennsylvania, and frequent visits to the local candy store with her sisters and brother were a highlight of her childhood.

She can still remember the Pixy Stix, candy necklaces and Tootsie Rolls she loved as a kid and wants to bring that same old-time feeling to customers in York County.

York peppermint patties? Of course!  Plus a whole lot more.

"I never get tired of candy," Shirey said. "It just brings a smile to everybody. Everybody's happy when they come to a candy shop."